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A public letter to Hottiegram

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Dear Hottiegram,

I know that somewhere a PR profile of me says that I cover "women's issues," but do you know where I work: A CATHOLIC MAGAZINE! I frequently get e-mails pitching me the latest diet fads, make-up, and other products that I would never put in U.S. Catholic magazine. Most of these e-mails I delete without even looking at them, but your press release warranted a response.

What self-respecting woman would ever send their boyfriend, husband, or "new fling" an e-card with a "hottie" on it for Valentine's Day?!  

I hoped that this was a virus created by some teenage boy in a basement and not a genuine business, but it seems to be real and I refuse to link to it here. (No picture with this blog post either!)

Sending a pin-up e-card is not what it means to be a "liberated woman." It's certainly not how to share your love (love does not equal sex) on Valentine's Day. (I would hope that these things wouldn't have to be said, but that this company exists seems to indicate that they do.)

Both as a Catholic and feminist, I'm thoroughly offended.


Megan Sweas