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Psychic nun?

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Every fall, my college newspaper's sports section featured a column called "Picks of the week." Four of us and one weekly guest picker would submit our winning picks for several college football games each week and the sports editor would write a humorous summary. At the end of football season, our winning and losing picks would be tallied for the title of Picks of the Week Champion.  I won that title my senior year. Now, whenever I sit down to watch a football game with my husband and get bored before half time, I make my prediction and walk away, reminding my husband of the title I earned many years ago. 

It's a good thing I wasn't competing against Sister Jean Kenny, else I'd never have such bragging rights. Sister Kenny, from the northwest side of Chicago, has 17-6 record for picking Super Bowl winners, according to a profile of her last year. Her record improved to 18-6 last year with a Steelers win over Cardinals, 27-23 (she had predicted 23-17).

This year, she's predicting that the Colts will beat the Saints 31-22. Read her predicting poem here.

What do you think? Do you agree with Sister Kenny?  Will "Breesus" not be able to save the day?