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Bet on Lent or give up betting?

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Lent as an opportunity for online betting? In Ireland apparently it is., a website where you can bet on sports, including the Olympics, is allowing you to bet on what the most popular Lenten abstentions will be this year, as determined by an independent survey.

I don't know much about what the odds mean for betting, other than determining payout, but here's Paddy Power's predictions for the most likely things you can give up:

Chocolate 7/4
Facebook 2/1
Twitter 3/1
Alcohol 6/1
Red meat 8/1
Tobacco 10/1
Betting 12/1 I'd wager on Paddy Power not wanting you to give up betting, though frequent customers probably should!
Playing Lotto 14/1
Eating out 16/1
Going to work 18/1 Not recommended!
Sex 20/1
iPods 20/1
Going to Mass 20/1 Really?
Mobile phones 20/1 

What do you plan to do for Lent? Does it fit in these categories?

I've been giving up meat every year for about the past four Lents and will do so again, except for St. Patrick's Day, when I have to have some corn beef and cabbage! It's a feast day!