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You might be a Catholic if...

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Over at Loyola Press, Paul has a blog listing some of his own "you may be a Catholic if..." jokes. The idea inspired us at U.S. Catholic and we've gathered some of our own. Add your ideas, too!

You might be a Catholic if... jockey for the pews in the back of church. actually remember who your patron saint is. include your Confirmation name when people ask you what your full name is. understand that the church, like an ocean liner, is not built to change direction speedily on contentious issues, and you know that overall that's a good thing, even if it means you probably won't see certain changes in your lifetime. feel at home when you enter a Catholic church in another country even if you have little idea what's being said. secretly calculate the length of Sunday Mass as well as how long the priest's homily lasts, and you rejoice when they find a way to move it along a bit. know someone you think would make a good bishop. say a prayer when you hear a siren wailing.

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