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Hard times at Christmas

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A poll over at Catholic Match found that Christmas is the hardest time of year for singles.

Facing up against Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and New Years, Christmas "won" with forty percent of the votes.

That makes sense with what Father John Cusick, director of Chicago's young adult ministry says in "Twas the fight before Christmas." He says that it can be hard to hear the annual questions from aunts and grandparents about whether there's somebody special in your life.

Looking at the votes by age on the poll reveals another interesting observation. The age break downs are opposite for Valentine's Day and Christmas. Younger singles find Valentine's Day more upsetting while older singles find Christmas worse. That makes sense since Christmas is more of a family holiday and older singles might feel left out when their friends and siblings are focused on their spouses and kids.  

So don't forget those who are single this time of the year. Make sure to include them in the festivities--and wait until January to ask them about their love life!