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Drew Brees, the true Saint

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So we all know that the New Orleans Saints are doing very well these days (with a record of 13-0), but did you know that God is on their side?

Besides being named the Saints, some have taken to calling their quarterback, Drew Brees, Breesus. This T-shirt comes from, and there's also a blog.

According to WWL-TV, it's not just his on-field performance that has given him the nickname, but also the way he has become a part of and gives back to the city of New Orleans.

Brees says that he's honored even if he finds it inappropriate. “It’s definitely a little sacrilegious," he says. "I guess that might be going a little bit far.”

Could this be the Second Coming that we look forward to in Advent?

Well, no, but it's clear that the city in the midst of its own resurrection is thankful for the hope Brees brings it. And that might make even me want to cheer for them. (The Bears aren't giving us much to cheer about here in Chicago this year!)