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Be Merry for goodness sake!

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Well, we knew our Christmas card wasn't exactly traditional when we sent it out last week, but we had no idea it would get the reaction that it did.

In the past we used to sit around a table at Christmas and sign physical cards for our various contacts--authors, artists, etc. In today's Web 2.0 world, we've move to creating and sending out an e-card (sorry, U.S. postal service, but it's a lot cheaper and budgets are tight).

So this year with Advent passing faster than we realized, we whipped together this e-card trying to make a joke out of our December cover.

Many people simply replied and wished us "Merry Christmas" as well. One person commented that she loved receiving an actual card from us (I feel her pain). But somebody forwarded on to Beliefnet's Crunchy Con Rod Dherer, who posted it on his blog.

Truthfully, it doesn't make a lot of sense unless you are familiar with the magazine and our odd sense of humor. But we want to get your opinion. Be honest, we can take it: Is it cute, or did we simply fail this year?