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A Sister speaks for herself

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"Sister X" has spoken out in the pages of Commonweal regarding the Vatican "visitation" of U.S. women religious. Bravo to Commonweal for giving her so much space. The folks who, over the past couple of days, have campaigned to change the results of our poll question on, and who have left, quite frankly, comments unparalleled both in their ignorance of women's religious life and the structures that govern it and their profound lack of Christian charity, would do well to read the testimony of this woman. Please don't skip the end.

My only regret for her, however, is the fact that she felt compelled to remain anonymous, for fear that no one in authority would stand up for her if she, too, fell under the inquisitorial spotlight for speaking truthfully from her heart. What kind of family have we become?

I've said it once (in my July column), and I'll say it again: These women don't deserve an investigation, they deserve a medal.