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Hell has frozen over: I agree with Bill Donohue

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Well, it doesn't happen often, but I think ol' Bill has a point when he complains about Larry David urinating (by accident) on a picture of Jesus in Sunday's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Of course, I think the purpose of Donahue's existence has become seeking to be offended, but some things just are inexcusably over the top. (As Megan noted last week, Donohue let Marge Simpson have it over this year's Halloween episode of The Simpsons.)

Larry David is Jewish--though I'm not sure he's a believer--but I imagine the Anti-Defamation League would level fury against confluence of human excrement (Christian or not) and the Torah, as well they should. So I think we can all agree that making a gag out of someone peeing on an image of Jesus--and then compounding the bad joke by having characters believe that Jesus is "weeping"--is grossly insensitive and even seems to be a deliberate provocation.

I'm not sure it's an actual act of anti-Catholicism, though. I just think it's crass, rude, and puerile--basically pure Larry David.