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Odd News round-up

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For your reading pleasure, a series of odd news links from this summer:

In Turkey, a new reality TV show this fall will pit religious leaders against each other in an effort to convert 10 atheists, CNN reports. Offensive? Entertaining? Probably neither.

Those atheists may want to embrace faith though, since the end of the world is coming in 2012 according to Mayan predictions. Scientists are unconvinced, NPR reports, even by the new John Cusack movie, 2012. One author, though, says we're entering the Age of Aquarias. Let the sun shine in!

Have you ever wondered if crucifixes were anatomically correct? Here's your answer. Read the creepy story of the experiment to test how Jesus' body looked on the cross.

To end on a happier note, a Padre Pio statue will collect solar energy, according to Mother Nature Network. Who knew that there was such a thing as photovoltaic paint? I guess anything is possible with God--and Padre Pio.