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Get ready: The End is Near?

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What will happen to those "left behind," including beloved pets, when the rapture comes?

Believe it or not, believers can pay animal-loving atheists to take care of Fido after the Second Coming. And the service costs just $110! 

The FAQ's for Eternal Earthbound Pets include everything you could possibly think of, including, "How do you ensure your representatives won't be raptured?" Apparently they've stated in writing that they are atheists who have blasphemed according to Mark 3:29.

Those who interpret the Bible's end-time narratives literally can also send a post-rapture letter to sinful friends or family (including Catholics!) instructing them to take care of their pets through The Post Rapture Post. Messages will be hand delivered by atheists.

Then there's, where you can store information, including bank account details, to be e-mailed to those left behind after the rapture. This website, though, is run by believers, not atheists.

It's hard to believe that anybody makes any money off of these services. At least the atheists are upfront about their motivation!