Death of the diocesan press?

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Despite the hard time for newsprint, a number of dioceses still manage to publish a newspaper a couple of times a month, though frequency has been declining and many dioceses are opting for a magazine format. Some still thrive: My favorites are Minneapolis The Catholic Spirit and Phoenix's Catholic Sun, where you can continue to find great Cathoic journalism. One complaint of many readers of the diocesan press : Diocesan newspapers have become mere "house organs" for the bishop, with no diversity of voices (which we strive for at US Catholic). I know of at least one diocesan paper that no longer takes letters to the editor, if you can believe it.

Who is filling the vacuum? Here in Chicago, which still has a diocesan newspaper with a pretty robust distribution, Robert Herguth, a former editor at the Chicago Sun-Times, has started Chicago Catholic News, a purely online "nichepaper." His goal: to "offer news and commentary of interest and importance to Chicago-area Catholics, and do so fairly and honestly."

Here's to a well and fairly covered Catholic church in Chicago.