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WristStrong for the Pope

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It's become clear in the past week that Pope Benedict XVI does not watch the Colbert Report. If he did, perhaps he would have been aware of "wrist safety."

If you haven't heard, the pope broke his wrist at his vacation chalet (where he extended his greetings to Tour de France cyclists passing nearby the other day). He is fine and his schedule is unchanged--he'll just have to dictate his thoughts into a recorder rather than write, Zenit reports.

But Colbert, who started his "wrist watch" campaign when hurt his own wrist, is concerned about the pope. He wants to get Benedict a "WristStrong" bracelet (a red rubber bracelet like Lance Armstrong's "LiveStrong" bracelets). Watch as "monks" chant about wrist safety.

The best line of the night: Colbert says the pope and he "have only one degree of separation through our good friend--Jesus. He's heaven's Kevin Bacon. He's Heaven Bacon."

(And by the way, proceeds from WristStrong actually go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. Colbert is funny and a really good guy.)