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One generous 5-year-old

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Here's more inspiration for you to give of your time or money or even just your cans.

A 5-year-old girl in San Francisco raised $3,736.30 for the local food bank by collecting cans and other donations as a part of a project at her day care. Her donation will provide people with 17,800 meals!

She became determined to help hungry people after seeing a homeless person holding a sign asking for money. While her parents and day care provider supported her efforts, they never thought she'd actually succeed to reach her goal, $1,000, let alone quadruple it. But once word got out, the money started rolling in, little by little.

Toan Lam who founded and created an online video about the girl's project, wrote this on Huffington Post: "The simple question I pose to you is, if a 5-year-old girl can feed thousands, WHAT CAN YOU DO? 'Anything is possible' is a cliché. Except when it isn't."