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More trouble in the Anglican Communion UPDATE

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Once again, the U.S. branch of the Anglican Communion is giving Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams headaches, according to a piece in the UK Guardian. The Episcopal Church's House of Deputies, one of two legislative bodies, has passed a resolution saying the ordination is open to all individuals; in other words, the Deputies have no intention of observing the global Anglican ban on ordaining further gay bishops. The Episcopalians are also considering more explicit support for same-sex unions and "gender-neutral" liturgies (not sure what that latter bit is about).

Even granting that these issues need further discussion, it doesn't seem wise to me for the Episcopal Church to continue to move forward when the rest of the Anglican Communion is in an uproar. Some consideration really ought to be given for the unity of the churches, which we all have a stake in whether we are Anglican or not.

UPDATE: It seems both ECUSA bishops and deputies agree that all ordained ministries should be open to all individuals and is moving toward blessing same-sex unions as well. according to the LA Times. No matter what one's own view is on these issues, the Episcopals are certainly making a statement about what they think being church means. Interestingly, one of the delegates in today's story pointed out that the leadership feels obligated to respond to the fact that gay and lesbian individuals, couples, and families have chosen the Episcopal Church as their home.