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Happy World Environment Day!

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Have you wished one and all Happy World Environment Day? No, didn't notice it? It may not be one of your favorite observances, but this year's WED actually garnered some spiritual attention from Catholic JPIC's around the world (That's Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation committees; I'm a member of the Claretian's JPIC in Chicago ).

I was pondering how I might appropriately make a personal contribution to the spirit of the day when I remembered that I rode my bike in to work today. Hooray for me and my smaller carbon foot print! 

WED may not have the name recognition of Earth Day, but it does afford us another day to pause and contemplate the potentially grave implications of our continuing indecision on climate change and profligate, even sinful, squandering of the world's natural resources (greetings mountain top removal investors everywhere!).

Here'a a Catholic climate change site you may find of interest and a brief prayer offered to note WED by the Vatican JPIC:

Gracious God, we gather today with people everywhere to observe World Environment Day.

You call us to be in solidarity - through our prayer and actions - with people adversely affected by climate change.

We recognize that Earth will only be our home as long as we learn to respect and care for the whole community of life and learn humility about our place in it, that we take action to protect and restore the integrity of life systems, and that we work for sustainable development for all people.

Change our hearts. Fill our hearts with a burning desire for your ‘kingdom' where you live and reign for ever and ever, Amen.