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Digital Bibles: The Good...Flash Drive?

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The Good Book is now not only a book, but a flash drive. Just stick the “God on the Go” flash drive into a USB port and you can access the entire Bible from your computer.

Publisher ACTA emphasizes that it’s more convenient—and green—than carrying around the Good Book. Also, scripture takes up only 10 percent of the space, so you can use the flash drive as a memory stick for your own documents.

But still, it requires a computer, and if you’re online already, there are plenty of Bibles you can access from the Internet, no purchase necessary. Here are just a few of the many options:

Bible Gateway helps people get through the Bible through daily reading plans that give you a passage per day to read (a 90-Day plan started June 1--catch up while you can). There’s also an option to read the Bible using your phone (see more iPhone apps).

See what’s most popularly searched at Engage with others at Have a little fun at (the Bible in Legos). Download a Bible for your Kindle.

The latest advancement in the paper Bible comes from Sweden with The Bible Illuminated, which uses glossy magazine photos to attract attention and create conversation about the Bible passages. The man behind it, Dag Soderberg, was on The Colbert Report last week. Watch as Colbert tells Dag that it does matter--in the end--whether he is Christian or not.

How do you prefer your Bible?