US Catholic Faith in Real Life

We've come a long way maybe . . .

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I know all-things-churchy are usually Bryan's purview (See: Newt Gingrich's "medieval" Catholicism), but seriously this is too rich to pass up.

In a recent Dan Gilgoff blog post over at USNWR's "God and Country," Newt Gingrich shared his I'd have to say somewhat superficial reasons for jumping the Mayflower for Rome. But what I find most interesting about this conversion story has been the outraged reaction of some of our Protestant brothers who are commenting with increasing snarkiness. They're writing off Gingrich's spiritual makeover as a cynical political ploy aimed at making the Gingrinch a more palatable presidential candidate in 2012.

Zounds, if I understand their logic it is now considered politically expedient to run on the Catholic party line at the presidential races. Somebody alert the media (call the Kennedys?)!! I guess we can stop building those ginornmous cathedrals; we have arrived.