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RIP: Fathers Larry Rosebaugh and Gerard Jean-Juste

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While clerics in Ireland and Europe (apparently following the horrendous model of their U.S. freres) continued a clumsy parade of gaping insensitivity in responding to the release of a study depicting decades of child abuse in Ireland, and the rest of us wait in expectant hope for a single graceful, straightforward mea culpa from clerics on the scandal of their murderous abuse of our children (and a comprehensive accounting on the same), a reminder of why we ever look up to these men in the first place arrived in my e-mail: Pax Christi USA notes the untimely passing of two good men.

Both Father Larry Rosebaugh of Guatemala and Father Gerard Jean-Juste of Haiti had devoted their lives to the church, to justice, to peace, and to their communities, whether born into them or not. Juste died suddenly of a stroke; Rosebaugh was stolen from us by the senseless violence that continues to plague the nation and the people he took up as his own.

They have competed well; they have finished the race; they have kept the faith. May they rest in peace. Amen.