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Newt Gingrich's "medieval" Catholicism

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Just can't pass this up. Newt Gingrich explains his recent conversion to Catholicism by saying that part of him is "inherently medieval." (Read more here.)

The Catholic church is medieval? I think not. Heck, I'm a Catholic (since birth) because Catholicism is so thoroughly post-modern. Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi in the same church? Going to Communion together even (though one or both may object to the other doing so)? And receiving from a priest wearing late-Roman imperial street clothes no less, and in an early-twentieth century "Gothic" (revival) building, after having listend to 1st c. Christian scriptures and even older Jewish texts--translated, of course--into contemporary English. So 21st century. Derrida would be in heaven with a "text" like that--more like a collage beginning in ancient Israel and continuing constantly up to and through today.

Here comes everybody, as we like to say. Medieval it is not.