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New-style bishops? I'll second that

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I had to pass along this post from Newsweek/Washington post. Don't know who Anthony Stevens-Arroyo is, but he's got a great take on how the U.S. bishops should be approaching their task of a changing church in a politically charged environment:

What leadership style a bishop chooses is crucial for addressing the crisis and making the necessary radical policy shifts. Some prelates seem to think they can close parishes, schools and hospitals searching only for the bottom line and without consideration of the laity's faith. To continue the political style comparison, a bishop ill-serves his flock by adopting the leadership style of Donald Rumsfeld used in misconducting the Iraq War. A "lean" Catholic Church with heavy procurement based on old strategies and one that ignores the basic needs of the foot soldiers or that goes against the advice of the field commanders is doomed to failure.

I am confident that the U.S. Catholic Church will catch up with the need for change in the style of episcopal leadership. The new approach was installed with Archbishop Dolan in New York. His personality suggests a chat over a hamburger and a cold beer rather than a missive dripping with vitriol and threats to deny communion.

Meantime, we must regret the damage done by prelates making headlines that hinder Catholicism's mission. We don't need Catholic versions of Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney dividing us; we need bishops who bring us together.

I guess I'm not so confident--but I would like to be!