US Catholic Faith in Real Life

Something actually worth getting upset about

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While the bishops have been distracted by Notre Dame's Obama drama, a new study has come out from the Pew Center revealing that U.S, Catholicism has suffered the most defections from its practice. The only reason we've maintained our numbers is the massive influx of immigrants from Central and South America--not exactly a great evangelization plan.

What's funny is that the non-practicing, somethng like 30 million, didn't leave out of anger as rule; most just drifted away, although they say disagreements with church teaching on birth control or sexuality had something to do with their departure; 25 percent mentioned the sex abuse scandal as a secondary cause.

But by and large these people aren't anti-religion, even anti-Catholic. They just drifted away. Why not take some of the energy being poured into grandstanding about Obama to reach to some of these?