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Remove the pope for "honoring" Bill Richardson!

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The pope today honored pro-choice Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico today on the occasion of his state abolishing the death penalty. Richardson met with the pope after his Wednesday audience; Richardson is to attend a ceremonial lighting of the Colosseum, according to Reuters.

I, for one, am starting a petition to have Benedict removed immediately from the chair of Peter. Bill Richardson is clearly pro-choice--at least if I follow the logic of those who want President Obama uninvited from Notre Dame and ND President John Jenkins removed from his office (see this press release at Catholic Online).

Of course, removing the pope would be a little over the top, but I don't think this is a question of apples and oranges. The pope is rightly acknowledging Richardson's accomplishment in the area of the death penalty, just as Notre Dame is acknowleding the admirable qualities of the president, which led him to the White House--including his work as a community organizer in urban Roman Catholic parishes. That doesn't mean we can't still disagree with and challenge him on those issues over which we diverge.

So I'll go with the pope on this one.