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It's not a good day for a baseball game

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Baseball is back, but not without controversy.

This controversy, however, has to do with bulking up fans with hot dogs, not bulking up players with steroids. Opening day in Detroit is scheduled for 1:05 this Friday. In other words, the Tigers will be stepping onto the field at the same time Jesus was hanging on the cross.

"Nobody is saying baseball isn't big but Good Friday is really big," Father Ed Vilkauskas told the Detroit News. "It's 2,000 years old."

All 30 MLB teams will be playing on Good Friday, the Detroit Free Press points out, but no other teams will be playing between noon and 3. In other cities fans won't have to choose between church and baseball.

What's a Catholic Tigers fan to do? One fan interviewed by both papers says he will miss his first opening day game in 20 years. But some aren't so concerned.

"I can get around the meat thing," Bill Ferris told the Free Press. "I'll just stick to peanuts and popcorn because I don't think there are too many seafood options at the stadium. But I'm not sure I can find a quiet place on the concourse at Comerica." 

Would you (or are you) going to the game?