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The difference between liberals and conservatives

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I recently picked up my Northwestern alumni magazine to find an interesting little story called, "What if there were no God?"

A Northwestern study asked religious conservatives and liberals this big "what if" questions and they found that political conservatives fear chaos, while liberals fear emptiness.

“Political conservatives envision a world without God in which baser human impulses go unchecked, social institutions (marriage, government, family) fall apart and chaos ensues,” said study co-author Dan McAdams. “Liberals see their faith as something that fills them up and, without it, they conjure up metaphors of emptiness, depletion, and scarcity.” See the online news release for more information on the study.

Considering some of the recent conversation about the difference between liberals and conservatives on this website, I thought the study would be of interest to our readers. Do you find that the study rings true?