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Work green, live green

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In England, it’s the first annual Green Office Week, a project speared by office supply company Avery. I don’t know why it’s not Green Office Week in the United States, too, but Avery’s UK site has some helpful hints if you want to make your workplace a little more eco-friendly.

It’s one thing to be green at home, but most of us spend a lot of time—and probably use more paper and energy—at work. I definitely have some guilt working at a magazine, though we have tried to cut down on our use of paper here at U.S. Catholic by doing more on our computers.

If you work at a religious organization like me, you also may feel that God is calling you to care for creation as you do God’s work. That’s how these Episcopal nuns feel. Read about and be inspired by their efforts to live green—building a new convent, getting rid of their van and signing up for Zip Car, and gardening and eating vegan, all in the middle of New York City.