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Render onto Obama what is Obama's . . .

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As I noted last week , recent decisions by President Obama seem likely to test the resilance of his support among Christian centerists, progressives, and prolifers. Now there are some indications that alliance may be fraying a bit.

Here's USNWR's Dan Gilgoff's thoughts from his "God & Country" blog, and in USA Today, David Gushee reminds Christians why it's pretty much always a bad idea for them to try to cozy up to Caesar in an effort to gain a political edge:

"[T]his kind of calculation is precisely what has gotten Christian
political activists in trouble in the past, not just for 40 years but
for 1,600 years. We gain access to Caesar in order to affect policy; we
hold onto access even if it involves compromising some of what we want
in policy; in the end, we can easily forget what policies we were after
in the first place. I think this definitely happened to the Christian
right. It doesn't need to be repeated by the Christian center or left."