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Catholic Tasty cookie

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The staff of U.S. Catholic got a special treat this week: We received a sample of Jesus Cookies. And based on the empty bag sitting on the table out in front of my office, we enjoyed them, too.

Diba M. Wickline created the Jesus Cookie, which are premade “break and bake” cookies, to share the story of Jesus, particularly with children. The mission: “Bringing people to God's table, one cookie at a time."

The box explains how each ingredient represents Christ’s life. There’s coconut for the straw in baby Jesus’ bed, spices for the Wise Men’s gifts, sugar (of course) for Jesus’ sweet presence, and oats and flour because man does not live by bread alone. All these ingredients, everyone in the office agreed, makes for one delicious cookie.

The debate arose, however, at the jelly beans. Some thought that the chewiness of God’s jealousy (green jelly beans) was great. Others were disturbed by the (not real) presence of Christ’s blood in a red jelly bean. And most everyone tried to avoid the sin (black jelly beans). There’s also white representing the cleansing of sins through Jesus and yellow, forgiveness of sins.

I personally prefer my cookies to be sinfully chocolate-y. One suggestion in the office was to substitute colorful M&Ms instead of the jelly beans. Regardless, the idea is fun.

Kids, though, might like the jelly beans more than adults, and with Easter coming up, it is jelly bean season. These might be a good way to break the Lenten fast.  

I’ve heard of (but never tried) an Easter cookie recipe that allows families to go through the Easter story by baking. There is something to be said for putting the ingredients together yourself, but they don’t sound as tasty as the Jesus Cookies.