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War crimes in Gaza? Peace on backorder

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The Palestinian Authority has joined human rights organizations, some U.N. officials, Israeli human rights group B'Tselem , and even Haaretz in demanding that the Israel Defense Forces be investigated for committing war crimes during its recent campaign in Gaza. Human Rights Watch accuses both Hama and the IDF of "serious violations of the rules of war." (That must be some rulebook.) See New Evidence of Gaza child deaths.

Meanwhile the outcome of the Israel election, an ultranationalist emerging as evident kingmaker, seems guaranteed to lead Israel further to the right and farther away from what's left of the road-map for peace.

Could a hard-right leadership spell the end of the increasingly precarious two-state solution? Foreign Policy's Stephen Walt is pondering such an outcome and wondering if anyone in the Obama Administration is doing the same.

Back in Gaza, the everyday misery persists, Caritas begins a $2 million appeal for assistance to the strip's 1.5 million residents, and Amnesty International charges that Hamas liquidated some political rivals during the Israeli incursion. Here's the BBC on conditions on the ground in Gaza .