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The value of The Reader is debatable (see previous post and Bryan's insight in the comment and post your own opinion there), but there are plenty of movies that try to offer some spiritual or moral lesson. Beliefnet presents the lessons we can take from 11 Oscar films, or you can read U.S. Catholic's movie reviews, which include many of the winners and nominees.

You can also see Beliefnet's own awards for best spiritual movie, performance, and documentary.

I highly recommend checking out the 10-minute trailer for Beliefnet's winning documentary: Lord Save Us From Your Followers. Filmmaker Dan Merchant takes a fascinating look at how Christianity tears us apart. I'm interested in seeing more of it.

Finally, if you are like me and rarely see movies until they are out on video, you might want to start asking Father for a parish movie theater. Holy Spirit Parish in Freemont, California just opened a religious education center that includes a 135-seat movie theater. Read about it on Sister Rose Pacatte's movie blog. It certainly will make religious education for youth and adults more interesting.