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Life lessons from a basketball loss

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Here's a reason not be proud of your school:  

The Covenant School, a Dallas Christian school, has been widely criticized for running up the score of a girl’s varsity basketball. The score: 100 to 0.

The school formally apologized and forfeited the game, then fired the coach, who said his actions during the game weren’t wrong or mean-spirited. Parents from Covenant met with school officials Saturday to outline three goals for the sports program: "We want to represent Christ with the highest respect, we don't want to humiliate anyone ever, and we want our students to be enthusiastic in everything they do," parent Cheryl Bugg told the Dallas Morning News.

The school on the other end of the score was Dallas Academy, which teaches students with learning “differences” (disabilities). Dallas Academy has only 20 girls, eight of whom are on the basketball team (the boy’s team, selected from 120 students, beat Covenant).

In the original story published a week after the game, Dallas Academy Athletic Director Jeremy Civello said the girls' team has dropped out of the league and would schedule a number of non-league games. The team plays not to win but to learn skills, teamwork, and life lessons—including about not quitting despite frustrations. Civello also told the team that they should remember what it’s like to be on the bottom, even when they are on the top.

Dallas Academy has received national attention because being on the bottom is a common feeling a follow-up article in the Dallas paper notes.

According to this story, the “losers” may just turn out to win the most perks from the lop-sided game. Owner Mark Cuban has invited the Dallas Academy girls' team to watch and meet the players at a Dallas Maverick’s game. The All-Star game and new uniforms from Nike may be on the way, too.