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Getting on the bus with the atheists

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Atheists are expanding their public relations efforts with a new series of bus advertisements in Barcelona, Spain. Borrowing from a London public transit campaign, the Spanish ads will read, "'There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life." The archbishop's office in Barcelona responded, somewhat less snappily, that religious people do enjoy life, and that faith is "a solid foundation to live life with an attitude of solidarity, peace and a sense of transcendence" in that effort according to the blog Monsters and Critics.

London and Barcelona aren't the first cities to feature atheist advertisements; USC's Megan Sweas blogged about similar efforts in California. I, for one, think Spain atheists are doing believers a favor by holding up a mirror: When they see religious people, they evidently too often see sour, finger-wagging killjoys--actually I've met a lot of religious people like that, too. That's too bad, since I don't think that's what Christians are supposed to look like.

And when was the last time you saw moderately clever ads from your local Catholic church on the side of a bus?

That's what I thought.