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Apocalypse now?

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This week is Armageddon week on the History Channel, and I was pulled into an hour's worth of frightening program last night, learning about how Revelations will come true. Will "wormwood" a huge meteor referred to in the Bible kill us off? Perhaps Ole Yellowstone will erupt again ending life as we know it. Then there's the avian flu, terrorism, or nuclear war. It's enough to give a girl nightmares. To see some short videos on what could happen see Life After People videos. It seems that plastic, styrofoam, and Mount Rushmore will long out last human life.

Following Vatican II, some Catholics rushed off to traditionalist havens to wait for the day the world stopped. But then that day came and went just like any other. USA Today discussed the fate of New Jerusalem, Mexico, one such traditionalist sect that calls itself Catholic, though the church doesn't recognize it.

It was once immensely popular and attracted visitors from around the world, but now the town has dwindled to 3,000. Since the death of its spiritual leaders, the town is in flux. Many young men have left to look for work, and the Mexican government has opened public schools nearby. It's bizarre and interesting and I recommend you take a look at the photo gallery.

Do you think about the End Times ever? Would thinking that life is about to end change the way you live? At the end of the History Channel program I watched last night, one scholar said that the end of times might not mean the end of life completely, but it would mean the end of life as we know it now. I don't think I want to live through it, but it is interesting to ponder, what if?