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Fun with nativity sets

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The war on Christmas has gone up a notch from heated rhetoric to plundering.

It seems that outdoor nativity statues, as well as menorahs, are often stolen. So, I learned in this NPR piece, people are taking a defense step, putting GPS on Baby Jesus.

Indoor nativities, thank God, are a bit safer. Here are a couple of fun options:

Three Wiseman in a tub: This rubber ducky nativity set allows you to bring Christmas into every room, including the bathroom. As silly as it is, I think this would be a fun seasonal bath time toy. There’s also Santa Clauses, Scrooge and the Christmas Carol gang, and carolers at The Ducky Depot.

Edible angels: You can create a chocolate nativity set, or a cookie nativity set. After blogging on them last year, my mom actually bought these for me. I made the chocolate set and while it was fun, nobody wanted to eat the baby Jesus.

Lions and Tigers and a bear nativity set: For the low prices of $1,100, this classic German Mohair teddy bear nativity scene could be yours. Oh my!

Interfaith nativity: What does it mean to put baby Jesus in a Zen garden? I’m not sure, but one customer review says it’s a fun toy for the little ones. I’m sure kids would love the Veggie Tales nativity set as well.

Check out multiple years of the “Cavalcade of Bad Nativities” at Some of my favorites include anything that uses fiber optics (see Dec. 8/9, 2004) or clothing. For the good Irish Catholic on your list, don’t forget the leprechaun in the manger.

I truly love nativity sets, both artful ones--especially fair trade ones from different countries--and ones that are a bit odd and make you chuckle. It is a season of joy after all. Please feel free to share your favorites.