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What's "real Catholic" mean?

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A new website is attempting to draw the 18-35 crowd into a strict Catholic Church. claims to have what young adults want: cool online video content and rigid, traditional teachings.

Up until now, has also seemed to be a lot like a site for Catholics for McCain. Monday's "news" roundup featured a photo of Obama with the word "SHAME" flashing over it. They said that polls showed that Obama might win "Catholics in name only." This begs to ask, who decides who are "real Catholics" versus "Catholics in name only"?

We'll see what they do with their daily news now that the election is over, but based on the exit poll information from yesterday, I'm not sure they're going in the right direction if they're goal is to attract young people falling away from the church.

Founder Michael Voris' does make a good point about the need to liven up the presentation of Catholicism. Still, here's an excerpt about his views on what teaching needs to be presented from an article in the Detroit Free Press:

"To conservatives like [Voris], the church has been watered down over the past 40 years by liberal reforms that started with Vatican II. And it lacks, he says, dynamic teachers who preach the faith with passion.

"'People respond to the truth, not pablum,' Voris said, banging his pencil on the desk. 'And for decades, that's all young adults have been given. They've been fed gallons of innocuous, ethereal, kumbaya, arts-and-craft making, God is a rainbow, let's-hold-hands spiritually vacuous nonsense. Don't believe me? Start counting young adults at Mass the next time you're there.'"

The questions I have are will Voris' RealCatholicTV find an audience and if they do, will it be the audience they want to reach or will they be preaching to the choir? Take a look around the site and let me know what you think.