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The Catholic Marx

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We all know that Marx wrote a very famous book about economics and criticized capitalism's excesses, but did you know that he is living now and is the archbishop of Munich? I'm speaking not of Karl Marx, of course, but of Reinhard Marx.

The modern-day Marx has written a book, Das Kapital: A Plea for Man, borrowing from the title of his namesakes' famous book, Duetsche Welle reports. While Marx criticizes the market economy for hurting the poor and rewarding immoral behavior, he's no fan of Karl Marx. Instead he asks for a reform of the market economy so that we don't fall back into the dangers of Marxism.

"Capitalism without humanity, solidarity, and justice has no morals and no future," Reinhard Marx writes.  

If we're referring to Reinhard Marx, I think I may be a Marxist indeed!