US Catholic Faith in Real Life


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Certain groups of Christians have long criticized the occult celebration of Halloween. Others have tried to adapt it to a Christian “harvest” celebration—a party at church that includes all the Halloween treats, sans ghosts and goblins. Some have even made Catholic costumes for children.

Here’s a new one: Reverse trick-or-treating. Instead of taking candy, mummies and princesses will be handing out samples of Fair Trade chocolates along with a card with information about the problems of the cocoa industry, including poverty and child labor. The chocolate and information are free for the distributors.

While it seems like a good campaign, I’m not sure many are yet buying free trade candy to distribute. There is still the problem of expense, easy availability (aren’t at the corner store yet), and the fact that we all just love our particular candy bars, whether Snickers or Reece’s Peanut-Butter Cups.

Perhaps one year I’ll remember to plan ahead and buy fair trade chocolate. Here are some other Christian candy options:

The tradition of handing out candy on the ghoulish night inspired Brian E. Adkins to wrap candies in verses of scripture, thereby “turning a pagan holiday into something to glorify God,” he writes on Recommended Halloween treats from Scripture Candy include Harvest Seeds (candy corn) and gum. There are also a variety of lollipops, including Faith Pops, Gourmet Scripture Pops (with unique flavors and an imprint of the Christian fish symbol), and even Cross Pops.  

Testamints has long been selling its biblical mints in Christian bookstores. attaches scripture verses to pieces of taffy, caramel, and hard candies. Packages come in creative names like Forbidden Fruit and Heavenly Rewards.

Christian Expressions offers chocolate bars in wrappers for every occasion—from sacraments to St. Patrick’s Day.