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To Lourdes we go!

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Pope Benedict XVI head off to Lourdes this weekend to celebrate its 150 anniversary, and he has a warning for all the journalists going with him: Remember to check your holy water.

"In order to avoid their confiscation during security controls at the airport, Air France recommends putting any bottles of Lourdes water in baggage what will go into the hold of the plane," a Vatican advisory to reporters said, according to The Windsor Star. Not even the healing water can get through the TSA.

Getting to Lourdes is harder for most than bring Lourdes home with you. For a few lucky Dutch, though, their medical insurance company, VGZ, will send them to the holy site for healing on an all expense paid trip. 

"It's not a mathematical thing. It's not a thing where you can scientifically prove where effectively it reduces costs of health care. It has a salutary effect on people, a sort of healing effect," Erik Lelieveld, the company's spokesman and a volunteer wheelchair-pusher on this trip, told Nightline earlier this summer.

Even if the VGZ clients are healed physcially, the Nightline story pointed out that it is good publicity.

Have you experienced spritual or physicaly healing at Lourdes or brought the Holy Water over the ocean back to the U.S.?