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Pretty woman

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An Italian Passionists priest wanted to increase the visibility of nuns as well as vocations to religious life. Sounds good right?

Well, his noble ends did not justify the means, he was told.

Father Antonio Rungi’s means were to hold a “Miss Sister 2008” beauty pageant to highlight the inner and outer beauty of nuns, according to the Associated Press. The online contest was supposed to start in September, but once the story got out in the news, the local bishop and Rungi’s superiors were not so happy.

"It was interpreted as more of a physical thing. Now, no-one is saying that nuns can't be beautiful, but I was thinking about something more complete," he told Reuters.

Meanwhile, nobody has stopped Polish Friar Ksawery Knotz’s website about having better sex—although according to this article he seems well within Catholic teaching.

So where is the line these days when it comes to talking about beauty and sexuality? It’s all a bit odd to me.

(I borrowed this art from this website. Please go there for a funny little joke story about the picture!)