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Tour de justice

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More than 200 cyclists are riding across the United States and Canada to raise money and awareness for poverty.

The Sea to Sea 2008 Bike Tour, organized by the Christian Reformed Church, started June 30 in Seattle, Washington and is scheduled to end 3,881 miles later in Jersey City, New Jersey on August 30. 

There are 127 riders for the whole route and 93 riding part of the trip. Each rider committed to raising at least $10,000 with the overall goal of raising $1.5 million for poverty relief.

The public can join them for rallies and educational events 12 times across the route. But what’s even more unique about this charity marathon is that riders will have 15 opportunities to volunteer with agencies that work with the poor in the cities they pass through.

One rider, Leanne Talen Geisterfer, 50, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, notes that a child dies of extreme poverty every three seconds and in that same time she can pedal 4 strokes. “That’s what I’ll be thinking about as I ride,” she says.

Pretty powerful. You can follow the journey, read rider’s blogs, and donate to the cause at their website. Or you can even join them for a day of riding (in Michigan or New Jersey) or for a rally.