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For God's sake, SLOW DOWN!

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One day it's racism, the next it's road rage. Perhaps Pope Benedict has an alphabetical list of modern issues that he feels he must address.

But in all seriousness, Pope Benedict does make a good point. If you are taking one last summer driving trip, remember to buckle up, be a good Christian, and love your neighbor on the road, even if your neighbor is cutting you off.  

"Human life is too precious and it is too unworthy of man to meet death or become an invalid due to causes that could mostly be avoided," Zenit News Agency reported that the Holy Father said Sunday. "There is certainly a need for a greater sense of responsibility, above all by drivers, as accidents are often caused by excessive speed and imprudent conduct."

The pope made these remarks at his summer home, but I doubt Benedict actually drives when he heads for vacation. Still, he must listen to the complaints of the pope mobile drivers. Last year, the Holy See also released their own rules of the road: the 10 commandments of driving.