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Church trip

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August is beach time, but that doesn’t mean taking a vacation from God. At a couple of Italian vacation spots, beach-goers can visit an inflatable church or a beach-convent, Reuters reports.

The blow-up church features people singing religious music, night-time activities until 1 a.m. (not Mass), and priests ready to take Confession.

The beach-convent will be cabins housing nuns from a convent near Naples and two tents with an altar. The nuns will say the rosary with vacationers.

"The concept of a beach-convent is something that is appreciated by vacationers and the nuns themselves," Father Antonio Rungi said.I’m sure the nuns appreciate it, but do those on holiday, as they say in Europe, take advantage of the resources they offer? When you go on vacation, does your faith get packed along with you or does it stay home while you relax and have fun?