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World Youth Day, Social Networking

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World Youth Day starts next week, but this year there is no official beginning or end. WYD is every day, thanks to technology. The Australian bishops hosting the event hope that pilgrims continue to connect with each other through new social networking sites.

The creators of, which stands for Christ in the third millennium, say their website will make this WYD the most interactive ever, Zenit News Agency reports. “It is an online platform to enable pilgrims to connect with millions, share the experience, and build a better world,” says Robert Toone, who came up with idea for the site with his brother John. It even got the archbishop of Sydney, who admitted to not being to web savvy, to go online.

Australian-based Church Resources also started for young people around the world. Many members online now plan to attend WYD next week. Local dioceses can organize groups on Faithtrip as well.

The Zenit story tells Facebook to watch out. While I suspect Catholic teens won't be abandoning Facebook in droves for Xt3 or Faithtrip, they might join it in addition to more popular social networking sites. What's your social networking site of choice? Is it Catholic?