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What does being Catholic mean to you?

It makes a difference whether you’re Catholic.

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In 1979 U.S. Catholic ran an essay titled “It makes a difference whether you’re Catholic” and asked readers to tell us what being Catholic means to them. In 2010 we asked readers to chime in once more with their opinions about Catholic faith and identity. Now, another 10 years on, we’re asking again.

In today’s world of shrinking congregations, multiple clergy sex abuse scandals, and a growing population of young people who identify as having no religion (“nones”), what does it mean to be Catholic? Has the meaning of being Catholic changed over the years, along with all the changes in the church? Or would the Catholics of generations ago find the experience of being Catholic much the same if they were living out their faith in the year 2020?

What does being Catholic mean to you? U.S. Catholic wants to know.

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Monday, February 3, 2020