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A reflection for Advent: And a little child shall lead them

Look to children for the true meaning of Christmas.

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How I delight in your word!

At the same time, however,
the promise that you proclaim
seems too good to be true!
Could such a world truly exist?
Could I truly live in this
kind of harmony and mutual love?
Sometimes these words of peace
and reverence on earth,
this vision of righteousness
and faithful living,
seem so impossible and unrealistic
that I close my eyes
and become cynical and hopeless.

I need your spirit to full me
and probe my heart,
to take away my apathy
and the numbing that the world injects.

I must remember that you are God
and that nothing is impossible with you.
You alone are wisdom and understanding,
you alone are the knowledge and comfort that I need to live.
Your ways and your works are awesome,
and your wonders are beyond my wildest dreams!

This vision that you give to me
is one that I can live out in small ways.
I need to lie down with those
I would like to devour
or with those who want to devour me.

People often say:
“Christmas is for children.”
And your word says
that a little child shall lead us.
Help me to look to children,
who, with simplicity and wonder of live,
can teach me much this season.
May I love as the young child loves,
may I reach out and forgive easily as young children do,
and may I become the presence of the Christ Child
this year and every day of my life. Amen.

By David Haas
Praying with the Word (St. Anthony Messenger Press)

Reflection questions:

1. When have you been the most hopeless? Was it a choice or a feeling?

2. What are your hopes usually based on? Do you usually think they will come true?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016