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Better Know A Parish: St. Thomas Aquinas, Ruston, Louisiana

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Parish Name: St. Thomas Aquinas

Location: Ruston, Louisiana

Founded: 1941

Diocese: Shreveport

Pastor: Fr. Frank Folino, O.F.M.

Number of Parishioners: 320 households

Parish website:

What makes your parish different from other parishes?

Well, we are in the Bible belt. Many of our parishioners are students and professors from Louisiana Tech University, who come from other areas of the world. The student population is a great gift at our parish. We have many folks from Africa, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

What’s the most distinguishing characteristic of your church building?

It's time to renovate, but we are in the middle of building a new parish center, and that has taken precedence.

What’s the most popular event, ministry, or holiday tradition at your parish?

ACTS, the Association of Catholic Tech Students.

If we asked parishioners what they love most about the parish, what would they say?

The Franciscan presence!


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