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Better Know A Parish: All Saints Catholic Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Parish Name: All Saints Catholic Church

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Founded: 1994

Diocese: Milwaukee

Pastor: Father Carl Diederichs

Number of Parishioners: 600 families


What makes your parish different from other parishes?

We are the largest African American parish in the state. Our membership is primarily African Americans, more recent African immigrants, and a sizable white minority.

What’s the most distinguishing characteristic of your church building?

We completely renovated the worship space and hall about six years ago. We have a wonderful immersion pool, and all the furnishings were created by local artists and craftsmen. A tapestry hung from the ceiling has won an award.

Who is your most interesting parishioner, and what makes them so interesting?

We have so many, it is impossible to select just one. 

What’s the most popular event, ministry, or holiday tradition at your parish?

We have a shelter for homeless women and children, a meal program, and a large food pantry.

If we asked parishioners what they love most about the parish, what would they say?

Our wonderful Gospel Choir of about 60 voices.

To learn more about All Saints Catholic Church, especially its shelter for women and children, please watch the following video:

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