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Slideshow: Going green at college campuses

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When it comes to church teaching on stewardship of the earth and care for God’s creation, students at Catholic colleges and universities around the country are getting more than just a classroom education. New initiatives—many led by the students themselves—are taking these teachings out of the lecture hall and applying them from dorm rooms to dining halls, implementing new sustainability efforts to reduce their collective carbon footprint.

Four of the schools that are leading the charge—Marquette, Santa Clara, Marymount, and the University of Portland—provide an up-close look at how students, faculty, and staff are transforming their campuses into more eco-friendly environments.

Make sure you don't miss the captions that accompany each image.

This is a web-only feature that accompanies "Go big green", which appeared in the September 2013 issue of U.S. Catholic (Vol. 78, No. 9, pages 21-25).

Want to see more of how students at Marymount University are making their campus more enviromentally friendly? Watch this video of their rain garden.

Image: Courtesy of Marquette University