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Pope Trivia: Day 2

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Welcome to the second day of our pope trivia!

Yesterday we posted the first installment of our pope trivia segment. This is our second question. We will present a new trivia question each day until the conclave and the announcement of the new pope. Here you will learn obscure facts about past popes. Check back every day for a new question!

Day 2

Question: How did popes of old escape if the Vatican should fall under siege?

        A. They disguised themselves as simple hermits and quietly slipped
            out into the Apennines.
        B. A passageway connected the Vatican with Castel San Angelo, the
            heavily fortified tomb of the Emperor Hadrian.
        C. They crawled into an empty glass tomb in St. Peter’s Basilica and
            kept really, really still.
        D. They apparated.

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There will be a new question every day so make sure to check back tomorrow!

Question by James P. Cahill

Graphic by Angela Cox