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Pope Trivia: Day 1

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Welcome to the first day of our pope trivia!

We will present a new trivia question each day until the conclave and the announcement of the new pope. Here you will learn obscure facts about past popes. Check back every day for a new question!

To start us off, here's the first one:

Day 1

Question: The last pope to retire was Gregory XII in 1415. What was the cause of his retirement?

        A. He reached the impressive age of 103 and felt he could no longer
            discharge his duties.
        B. He was bribed to step down by an ambitious young Italian Cardinal.
        C. There were two rival popes at the time, both of whom agreed to
            step down so a new one could be elected.
        D. Gregory looked out his window and realized the Vatican gardens
            would make a spectacular golf course.

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There will be a new question every day so make sure to check back tomorrow!

Questions by James P. Cahill

Graphic by Angela Cox